Lena Jinnegren, born in Sweden in 1973, has been working as a musician for almost 20 years.


Since the 1997 release of her first solo album, These are the words, she has contributed to a variety of cd recordings.


Highlights of her musical career include being a lead singer on several ERA albums, and also collaborating with artists such as Goran Bregovic and Ulf Lundell.


A short synopsis of Lena's story so far:


1982 – Lena writes her first real song and it gets aired on the local radio station

1987 – She sings a duet on National TV together with the gospel singer Cyndee Peters

1989 – Starts singing in a vocal quartet called Stage Four together with Peter Jöback

1992 – Finishes school and begin her carrier as a freelancing musician in Stockholm

1997 – Her first solo album These are the words is released

1997 – She sings on a concert in Thessaloniki with music by Goran Bregovic. The concert is recorded and released as the album Silence of the Balkans

1998 – Writes more songs, some of them together with Ron Sexsmith and Keith Reid

2000 – Lead vocal on ERA 2

2002 – Lead vocal on ERA The Mass

2004 – She is recording four of the songs for the album Lifetrigger

2007 – Appears on the cd Under vulkanen by Ulf Lundell singing the duet 'Jag saknar dej'

2008 – Her folk music band Fotefar releases the album Fest

2009 – The tango concept Glød where much of the music is written by Lena is getting good response

2009 – Lena is recording the last songs for the album Lifetrigger

2010 – Two albums released at the same time: Lifetrigger and Glød




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